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Chapter 7

Upon hearing the gate rise, Christine's heart began to beat faster. Would it always be this way? Would her breath always catch in her throat at the sight of him? She hoped so. She lept up and flew into his arms, happy to no longer be left alone with her own depressing thoughts. She kissed his quickly on the check murmuring "I missed you" into Erik's ear. He chuckled.

"I have a suprise for you my dear" he said while handing her a big box with a black satin bow. She pulled on the ribbon and opened the box.

"It's beautiful!" she gasped, gazing at what lay in the oranate box, a black ballgown with red velvet trim. The neckline was very low and would hug her figure perfectly. She looked at him with tears in her eyes. "I don't know what to say."

"We're not done yet" he said while reaching into his great black cape and pulling out a long jewelry box. She gasped and he opened it to show her what lay inside. It was a gorgeous black ribbon necklace with a rosebud pendant. She turned around and lifted her hair for him to put it on her. "I had these made for you before" he stumbled over his words and Christine felt his hands shake for just a moment, "before the incident."

With tears springing to her eyes she looked away from him softly crying "I don't deserve this. I don't deserve you...I'm so sorry"

Putting a finger under her chin he raised her eyes to meet his. Seeing she was truly upset he kissed her softly and said "That was then. Eventually we will be able to begin the life we should have begun a year ago and all will be well. Now, with that matter settled I must admit to have an ulterior motive." He reached into the other side of his cape and pulled out a mask exactly like his but smaller. "I want you to wear this tonight. After tonight there will be no question in anyone's mind about who you choose. I won't allow it. If you do this, Raoul," Erik growled, "will never take you back and all of society will shun you because they will believe you have lain with the very devil himself. And if you choose to leave tonight I will not give you another chance." He handed her the mask. "Do you fully understand what you are giving up in order to be with me?" She nodded. "Good. I shall return in two hours. I expect to either find you dressed and ready or I don't expect to find you at all. Is that clear?" She nodded again and he walked from the room, seeming to disappear in the mist.

Her choice made very clear, she pulled the dress from the box, exclaiming at its sheer beauty. Under it lay a black corset with red accents and black stockings with red metallic thread shot through it. Also she saw a pair of soft velvet dancing slippers. "Oh Erik" she sighed, "you always think of everything." And with a wistful touch to the necklace clasped around her throat, she suddenly grabbed the box and fled to the other room.

sorry it took so long to update, I had to re-write the whole thing. I like the way this turned out better than my orginal though so yay!

ps-computer update. My computer is a piece of shee-it and is currently at Best Buy being it's own broken self but I can update at work, so no worries!!!
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