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Chapter 9

As they looked down upon the ball from one of Erik's many hiding spots, the excitement began to grow. Spotting many people she knew-Carlotta, Meg, Msr. Richard and all the others-Christine felt her heart begin to pound. This was it. This would be the night to end all nights. Suddenly she realized she had no idea why there was a ball tonight. Funny, it was exactly one year ago that she had made that ill-fated choice in the lair.....

Before she could finished that thought, she felt the hand holding hers tighten and felt rather than saw Erik's grim frown. Following his line of sight, she saw Raoul. She said something very unladylike, and cupped his chin in her hand. She pulled his chin until he was looking at her, not Raoul. She kissed him and then whispered "I have made the choice my heart made many years ago. It just took a while for me to realize it. He shall never have me. You shall never be without me." Searching her eyes, the very windows to her soul, he realized she was telling the truth and in turn realized how lucky he was. Suddenly a voice rang out from below:

"Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us on this enchanted evening. We have had a full year of good luck for you see, it was but a year ago that the cursed Phantom of the Opera left us once and for all!"

"That's our cue" whispered Erik. Taking a flask out of his cape he threw it below, grabbed Christine and as he lept down the flask broke, producing a room full of smoke. Quickly setting Christine behind him, He had just enough time to arrange himself in a glorious pose of indignation.

"Ah my ever loving public. I see you are celebrating a bit too early, for you see, I was not gone, merely resting. True, for the past year I may as well have been dead, but recently something has revived my spirit." "Madame Giry gasped. "Ah yes, you have guessed it my dear ballerina, but do not give away the suprise yet. Yes I have found the thing to once again inspire my song and my voice. My heart was torn from me on that night a mere year ago but it has been replaced and now shines with its full glory! And so I now present to my my love, my Angel, My Phantess!"

Pulling his cloak back he brought Christine in to full view. She held her head high and looked down upon the crowd with the same look Erik had worn minutes earlier.

Raoul lept to the stage, reaching for Christine. Erik reached inside his cloak, but Christine stopped him. She shot Raoul a look that stopped him cold. Raoul cried "Christine! My beloved fiancee! I thought I had lost you forever. Come with me and we shall leave this place."

"I have no wish to go anywhere with you. I have no wish to ever see you again. I had just saved your life a second time. Do not expect there to be a third. My Phantom very much wants to see you dead and I am the only thing standing between you and a death more horrible than you can imagine, so I'd watch my words if I were you." Turning to Erik she embraced him, lying her head on his shoulder. "Come love, lets go home. I grow tired of the petty gossip of small minded people."

Smiling, he gazed down at her with such longing it was almost tangible. "Not yet my dear. I have another suprise for you." He pulled a silk fan out of his cloak and handed it to her. She opened it and hanging from a thread in the middle of the fan was a ring. It was gold with a single brilliant diamond in the middle surrounded by black pearls. He leaned down and whispered in her ear "The diamond represents the brilliant light and beauty you bring into my otherwise dark world. Marry me my love." She gasped and nodded, unable to do anything but throw her arms around him and cry.

Erik looked at Raoul with contempt. His eyes saying all that needed to be said, he looked into the crowd. "I hope you all will be present at our wedding. Until then, Adieu!"

He flicked a switch only he could see and they plummeted out of sight.
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