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Chapter 8

Cursing himself, Erik returned to the lair early. "What have I done?" he despaired, "What if she is truly gone? Curse you and your inability trust." He had seen the hurt in her eyes when he told her to obey his rules or leave. "If she God if she has gone from me again....tonight shall be my last night on earth I swear for I don't believe I can live with my own stupidity." He ran into the candle filled room, calling her name. "Christine? Christine! My God Christine, please answer me!"

"Button me" came a soft voice from the corner. He turned and looked...and there in all her glory stood Christine with her back to him, her hair lifted as it was before so he could button up the back of her dress. Heaving a sigh of relief he ran and gathered her in his arms. She giggled and demanded "put me down you oaf, you'll muss my hair" Chuckling, he set he down gently, careful not to misplace a single hair on her head. "That better." she said, "Now finish my buttons or we'll never get to the ball."

Smiling, he began buttoning. Remembering every button he had cursed while drunk in the past year, he gave up a silent prayer of thanks because, even though there were millions down the back of this dress, every one was a chance to be near her, to touch her, to breathe in the intoxicating scent that was hers and hers alone. When he got to the very top of the dress the temptation was too great and he kissed every spot left bare by the yet-to-be-buttoned dress.

She shivered and he knew she was feeling the same heat. He finished the buttons (sadly) and she turned around. He began to kiss her and she moaned, falling into his arms. He groaned and whispered "If this continues, we'll never get to the ball....not that I mind." She straighted up and quickly danced out of his grasp.

"By all means, hurry for I shan't be late!" Groaning Erik reached for her, but she kept just out of his reach.

"Tease" he hissed, and she just smiled. She scampered to the other room and returned with the mask on.

"How do I look?" she asked, all of her love for him reflected in her eyes

"Like the single most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Like a single tear caught in the sun or a rose that has just bloomed." He smiled and took her hand. "Come, our masquerade is about to begin and it wouldn't do for us to be late, would it?"

Ah next time will be the ball!!!!! I'm so excited, I can't wait to write it, but this looked like a good stopping place, so I stopped lol
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